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Hongbo Survey
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Bamin fudihu, Wuhua Tianbao, outstanding people. Hongbo shares, learn widely from others'strong points dares win. Shares Hongbo rooted in the fertile soil of Minyue culture, inheritance and innovation of ancient printing, accumulate, scaled new heights, rapid development become set of security printing, high-end packaging printing, RFID smart label production, digital printing, network data service and technical development, lottery paperless sales and R & D etc. for the integrated enterprise. In May 2008, Hong Bo shares listed in Shenzhen stock exchange A share market. Board on the platform of the capital shares Hongbo unleashed, to upgrade the overall level of scientific research and technology, implementation of the technological transformation, application of advanced management mode, introduced the world's best talent, adhere to the "innovation, research and development, management" as the cornerstone of supporting enterprise's rapid development. After the listing, Hongbo shares have built a Fuzhou printing center, Chongqing Hon Hai, Wuxi Ssangyong, Sichuan Hon Hai Beijing Haotian five digital printing base, the completion of the national strategic layout of the main business. Tamp the foundation at the same time, in order to better meet the needs of the customers, Hongbo shares resources integration, extending of products and services in the field, has set up, Hongbo Zhiyuan, Hongbo net, Hongbo smart card, Choi Chong Guangzhou, Guangzhou Hongbo, Beijing Qinghe sunlight company acquisitions, actively develop networking, smart card, paperless lottery, cultural and creative etc. emerging industries, and prudent investment financial equity and high-quality projects at home and abroad, foster new profit point of growth, to explore the road of diversified development. In the rapid development at the same time, the shares Hongbo vigorously fulfill corporate social responsibility, do a good corporate citizen, from the economic responsibility, quality and safety, environmental protection, employee development, social welfare and other aspects, and strive to achieve the sustainable development of enterprises and people, enterprise and society, enterprise and nature in harmony. In 2011, Hongbo shares opened new five year strategic plan, and strive to technology innovation, management innovation, business model innovation to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the shares Hongbo building a security printing, high-end packaging, networking, intelligent card, paperless lottery, cultural and creative in one, the depth of brand influence and shouldering social responsibility, sustainable development of modern enterprise group, to create value for customers, and employees to grow together, with excellent performance of return of investor, to the scientific development of the enterprise to promote social harmony and progress.

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